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Grammar Geek

Yes, I am a Grammar Geek and proud of it! If you’ve read the introduction of Lynne Truss’s book, “Eats, Shoots and Leaves,” you understand and if you’ve read the whole book, you are probably a Grammar Geek, too!

I’m not as into podcast listening as my husband, but the Grammar Girl podcasts have me understandably hooked. I recently added an RSS feed to my personal Protopage for her podcasts, and since they are usually short (3 or 4 minutes), I can listen to them in the kitchen when I am making lunch for the girls. What’s even more fun is that the girls are now starting to ask to hear them! Since Emily tested as gifted in reading on her 2nd grade MAT’s, her interest is not a surprise. But even Megan loves hearing Grammar Girl, and she’s only 6!

If you love grammar, give a listen.

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