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Over My Minutes

Here’s a conveniient website I found recently for folks who want to keep some money in their pockets by eliminating cell phone overage charges. “Over My Minutes” tracks your cell phone usage and sends you customized alerts. You can choose to receive alerts daily via email or text message. You can also receive alerts at two different levels of minutes remaining, as set by you.

After having tracked our phone data monthly for over 5 years now (yes, I am *that* detail oriented!), I have a pretty good handle on our usage. That made the move of our home number from a land line to a cell an easy one to justify based on cost when we made that switch almost 3 years ago.

But I can see lots of uses for this website. For example, when our girls become old enough to get phones, I’ll be able to keep close tabs on their usage so we don’t have any unpleasant surprises at the end of the month. And my mom is forever trying to keep tabs on her minutes, too, to stay within her allotted plan minutes. Now she won’t need to log into her carrier’s website to do it.

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