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Who Am I?


The seemingly trivial yet intrinsically deep question, “Who am I?” will undoubtedly be the subject of some future blog posts. Though some people define themselves by where they work or what they do for a living, I prefer to define myself by my relationships to others. So…Debbie Schinker is the daughter of Pam and Gary Petersen, who live in Florida. She is also the sister of Dawn Petersen, who resides in Boston and is the city mouse to Debbie’s country mouse. I am the devoted and adoring wife of beloved geek John Schinker (never to be referred to as “hubby.”) I am also the proud mother of Emily, born at the tail end of the 20th century, and Megan, born at the dawn of the 21st. I’m also a singer, friend, Christian, reader, memory preservationist, ponderer, and lover of life to reference just a few more of the titles by which society seeks identify me.  If you’d like to contact me directly, you can email me at dschinker at gmail dot com.

Comments on: "Who Am I?" (4)

  1. Hello Debbie: I wanted to ask you a question but couldn’t find anywhere to send an email. You can delete this reply to clean up your blog comments.

    The question is, are you left handed? The reason I asked if I saw a comment you left on Arlene’s blog and something about it I found curious that it might indicate you are left handed.


  2. Kimberly: It’s a great question and I think I’ll leave it here in the blog! As a matter of fact, YES – I AM left handed! Please tell me what made you think so from a comment on another’s blog!!

  3. Kimberly replied via email: “Hi Debbie. You left a comment on Arlene’s blog that included an emoticon. The emoticon was written backwards from the standard Western format.”

    To which I replied: Oh yes – the rest of the world makes smilies backward. I’ve always made them the CORRECT way! (-: (It’s been one of my trademarks since 1990).

  4. Hi,

    I’ve seen a couple of versions of the story “Invisible Mothers” going around, so I was looking for the source. I found a site that claims to have authored the piece:

    Thanks, Meg

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