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Stupid Facebook Memes

So, I got yet another “invitation” for those stupid breast cancer awareness memes on Facebook:

It’s that time of year again…support of Breast Cancer Awareness!! So we all remember last year’s game of writing your bra color as your status? Or the way we like to have our handbag handy? Last year, so many people took part that it made national news and the constant updating of status reminded everyone why we’re doing this and helped raise …awareness!! Do NOT tell any males what the statuses mean…keep them guessing!! And please copy and paste (in a message) this to all your female friends! It’s time to confuse the men again (not that it’s really that hard to do ;]) The idea is to choose the month you were born and the day you were born. Pass this on to the GIRLS ONLY and lets see how far it reaches around. The last one about the bra went around all over the world. Your status should say: “I am going to________________for___________ months.” The day you were born should be for how many months you are going. January–Mexico February– London March–Miami April—Dominican Republic May–France June– St Petersburg July–Austria August–Germany September–New York October – Amsterdam November – Las Vegas December – Alaska

I do not play these breast cancer awareness “games.” My husband is a partner in my life, and is one of the many reasons I work hard to keep myself healthy. I don’t need to keep him – or any man – in the dark about breast cancer and the importance of screening. These are the same men who could get breast cancer themselves or may be supporting wives, mothers, daughters who do.

These “games” do nothing. Has even one person gone and gotten a mammogram as a result of being “tricked” by a Facebook status message? All these games do is make people feel stupid when they find out the real meaning of what you’ve posted. I think this woman says it better than I can and if you’ve not read her blog post on the topic, you should! (In fact, she’s become something of a counter-meme herself as a result of her post!).

Instead, I will post the DATE OF MY LAST MAMMOGRAM: October 7, 2011. If you are a woman who has entered the age of mammograms, I encourage you to simply post the date of your last mammogram on Facebook instead of playing those stupid “games.” THAT is the most effective reminder to other women – and men – that you can provide.

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  1. Rebecca H said:

    You go girl!

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