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The Appliance Love Curve

There are lots of lofty, intellectual topics on which to post today, but I’m not addressing any of them.  Instead, I want to talk about my appliances (HOUSEHOLD appliances, before you get too excited out there!).



We got a new range and fridge last week.  Yea!  They both replaced 26 year old appliances, one of which (the oven) had stopped operating correctly years ago.  I finally got tired of food being half raw and burned on the bottom.  It was WELL past time to upgrade.

Let me say that I love – LOVE! – my side-by-side fridge/freezer WITH ICE AND WATER IN THE DOOR!  (Yes, I am easy to please!).  I was worried about space, but it is about 40% larger than our old unit.  Who knew?  And the new self-cleaning ceramic topped range with DOUBLE OVEN, delayed start, true convection, hidden electric element, and turbo boil burner makes me drool.  I am in love with both of them!

Is it just because those appliances are new?  Nope – here’s an older one I love:  our coffee maker that grinds the beans just before brewing, which can be pre-programmed with a built-in timer.  (You can barely see it up there to the right of the range).  I don’t even drink coffee, but I can “make” John’s coffee just in time for him to walk out the door in the morning with a completely fresh cup without ME having to wake up at the crack of the middle of the night when he gets up.  That appliance is almost 2 years old and I still love it.

My laptop is also two years old, and I still love it, too.  Many of you may not consider a laptop a home appliance, but mine is stationed in the kitchen and gets as much, if not more use, than any appliance in my house except maybe the fridge!  So to me, my laptop is DEFINITELY an appliance and one I love dearly.

But my dishwasher is about 5 and a half years old, and I am pretty indifferent to it.  Yea, it gets the job done.  And when it broke a few weeks back, I missed it sorely until it was fixed.  But it is starting to show signs of wear on the racks and I really don’t think it’s worth $200 to replace those racks yet!  The clothes dryer is about 7 years old, I think.  And the washing machine was new when we bought the house, so it’s 12 years old.  I’m pretty indifferent to them, too.

But it can’t be ALL about age.  My trusty Honda Odyssey is 7 years old and I still love it!  Of course, it helps that it got all new interior throw rugs this summer AND a portable GPS unit last Christmas.  Maybe it feels new again and that’s why I love it still?

So how about you?  What is your favorite household appliance and why – and how old is it?!

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  1. Your double oven is gorgeous! I wish I had one.

    I love my George Foreman! It was a wedding gift so it is only six months old, although I also loved the smaller one that I used to own. I had my old one for about three years. My new one is not only larger, but the plates come off for easy cleaning. It is always nice to see the fat in my little dish, because that means the fat won’t be going into my body. Foreman is a grilling genuis and his products rock!

  2. My laptop, which, thanks to a visit to the Apple store on opening day in Westlake and a very enthusiastic salesman, now has a tuner unit and doubles as my home entertainment system. I love being able to pause tv, go fix a cup of tea and a snack, fast forward through commercials, and watch while hooked up to my husband’s 19″ monitor. It is just over a year old, my first laptop, and I went mac the week Leopard came out. It replaced my 5 year old Dell desktop that was functional, but just a business tool. I got a .mac (Moblie Me) account after the 3 month trial was up, so I now keep tabs on where Darrell is, since his iPod touch synchs up with my laptop whenever he’s near wireless. I can keep my phone ($20 Motorola) in synch with my own calendar and do all of the typing on a REAL keyboard. I really like going to the barn and doing boring accounting out in the sun, or sitting in my grape arbor with the wireless going and do all of my work outside whenever possible. I seem to keep finding new things to do with it and stuff to add, (hooked the Nikon up for the first time to download pics to make room for more). My only problem now is that Darrell has become disenchanted with his Dell laptop and is now counting the days (458), until it is out of warranty and he can try talking me into getting him a new macbook. His 3rd laptop, second Dell, it’s only a year and a half old. And he has software on it that has a higher price tag than my entire machine.
    My dishwasher died 2 years ago and hasn’t been replaced. Sears stopped selling the water filters in the store for my refrigerator, and my tv died and it took me a year to find some type of replacement for it. But my little macbook keeps finding ways to make my life easier and keep me loving it.

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