Personal ponderings from a natural night-owl!

So I started a new blog today: Schinker’s Shutterbug Site. I recently discovered the Shutter Sisters website and LOVED its daily photo topic feature. Basically, one of the Shutter Sisters blogs on a topic daily and asks visitors to post links to their own pictures on that same topic.

Yes, I could have used this blog for those posts. But it didn’t seem like the right vehicle, and I’ve discovered that many people have multiple blogs on different topics, which appeals to my obsessively organized brain. I also love WordPress‘s new photoblogging theme, Monochrome, that changes the color of the post automatically based on the picture in the post. It’s a great theme, but not appropriate for this blog where I have spent many an evening getting my sidebars just right. So creating a special photo blog seemed like the logical way to go. (And of course, doing something technological FIRST in this family is hard to accomplish, so I expect the DH – dear husband – to now go out and create HIS own second blog. Yes, dear, that IS a challenge (-:).

So please have a look at my new blog and do tell me what you think! You could have the distinction of making the very first comment there if you hurry!

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