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Free Money

I get most of my news from The articles are usually informative, but rarely as immediately useful as this one about finding hidden money. According to the article, there are over $15 million in unredeemed savings bonds, $32 million dollars in unclaimed cash funds, and $133 million in unclaimed pension funds waiting for their owners to claim them.

Who wouldn’t be enthralled with the idea of free money? I clicked on the link for the database of the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators and entered my dad’s name. And I got a hit from one of his childhood addresses! I forwarded the link to him via email and he took it from there. It turns out that his grandparents left him some stocks and bonds when they died – investments that he knew nothing about.

I found an unclaimed insurance policy payment for my father-in-law, an unclaimed bank dividend for my uncles, and seven unclaimed payments for my aunt – three of them over $100!

So check it out for yourself. And if you find some money you didn’t know you had, remember who sent you there!

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  1. Great stuff.
    I just found your blog and love it.
    Look forward to reading more.

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