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This Takes the Cakes

So I have a few partially written serious blog posts that need to be finished and posted, but I got inspired tonight to start posting pictures and stories of my custom cakes after following a twitter link. (Thanks to Patti for the idea!).

Here are the last three cakes I’ve made, all for my sister’s bridal shower on April 20th.

Groom-to-be is a drummer percussionist who works at Grover Pro Percussion in Woburn, MA; bride-to-be has a master’s degree in bassoon an plays in various orchestras. They met playing in an orchestra, so the musically themed shower was appropo. The teal g-clef is supposed to be an ampersand (teal is the wedding color) so that the trio together symbolizes “Frank and Dawn.” Get it?

The drum was yellow cake, the bassoon was chocolate, and the treble clef was carrot. All were crumb-coated in buttercream and none was filled because I didn’t want anything going bad. I had to bake them on a Wednesday, decorate them on a Thursday, and drive them to Boston (along with my mom, the two kids, and all the shower stuff) on a Friday for a Sunday shower. You also might not know that fondant (the stuff they’re covered with) is sugar based and therefore very susceptible to moisture, so I could not refrigerate them.

These were my first serious fondant cakes. I made two other cakes the month before to practive my fondant techniques. Those might show up on here some other time.

Thank you, Ace of Cakes, for the motivation to learn how to use fondant! I love that show because every time I watch, I notice something subtle but interesting. (Sadly, today I noticed that they color their fondant by hand, which is by far the hardest part of working with fondant, IMHO. I was hoping to avoid this step in the future by making my own fondant, but it looks like there’s no avoiding it)

And thanks also to Stacey Burk for the fantastic directions on making a bassoon cake. Who’d’a thunk that googling “bassoon cake” would have worked so beautifully?!

Comments on: "This Takes the Cakes" (8)

  1. goodnightcat said:

    Very cool cakes. I’m sure they’re very inspirational to eat. I like your blog a lot. I find myself more often than not musing in the nighthawk hours.

  2. So fun! I made a monkey cake for my daughter on her first birthday…feel free to check it out on our blog.

  3. Not only did they look great but they tasted great and added to the fun of the bridal shower! Great job, sis!!

  4. […] Today’s Shutter Sisters post is about photographic obsessions. I definitely have an obsession for taking pictures of the cakes I’ve made. Since they are made to be eaten, they cease to exist hours or days after they are done, so the pictures are all I have left! I started baking cakes for my family in 2001 to carry on a tradition my husband cherished from his own childhood days. I blogged recently on Midnight Musings about my latest round of cakes, which you can read about and see here. […]

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  6. […] while back, I blogged about some of the specialty cakes I’ve made.  Over the last week, this is the project that […]

  7. Debbie, these are amazing. wow.

    i don’t think i’ll get ambitious enough for fondant for O’s birthday, but if i ever do make that leap, i’ll come begging for advice.

  8. […] made an anaconda cake and last year, Hogwarts! I even made a turkey cake for some friends and bassoon and snare drum cakes cakes for my sister’s wedding shower! This year’s assignment was for my girls’ […]

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