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Dodge Charger

Sometimes, I don’t understand this whole blogging thing. Although I have never (before now) mentioned the words “dodge charger” in my blog, yet I apparently used a picture of one in my post “Baby, You CAN Drive My Car!” back in October of 2007. (In case you didn’t know, the General Lee was a Dodge Charger!) This picture is single-pixelly responsible for the majority of traffic to this blog from search engines. Yet when *I* use a search engine and enter the term “Dodge Charger,” I don’t find my own blog.

And it’s not just me. The top search engine term for “Taste of Tech” is “cheetah.” You’d think it’d be from a past post referencing how fast a cheetah can run, but instead, it’s from a post that used the picture of a cheetah.

So what’s going on? How is this happening? Why do random web images used to illustrate a point in a blog post create such search engine traffic to a blog? (And is there a way to use this pheonomenon to steer more traffic to a blog or other website?)

If you have answers – or even decent theories – PLEASE leave a comment. And if you found this blog by searching the words “Dodge Charger,” please tell me exactly how and where you were searching!

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