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What a Tangled Web

I love having a computer in the kitchen. The room is already the central hub of the house, by virtue of location. Having the computer right there means I can glance at email when I walk in the door, I can listen to NPR streaming while I clean up or cook, and recipes are easily accessible and read right there on the 19 in monitor!

The only problem is the unattractive web of wires. It’s a bit ironic, really, since we have whole house wireless. You can see to the right what our computer area – which also serves as a convenient cell phone and palm pilot charging station – looks like.

Alvin Trusty’s blog recently concluded a 102 post series on efficiency, but he never covered suggestions for reducing the wired clutter. In addition to the Palm cords (charging and sync-ing) and the two cell charger cords, I keep the cord for downloads from the digital camera, camera battery charger, a few headsets, and the microphone for Skyping. The speaker cords, computer cords, and mouse cords add to the mess.

So – anyone have any ideas for cleaning up our area visually?

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  1. Velcro ties are wonderful! I get a roll at HomeDepot and use them at school to tie up loose cords. I think it’s something like $5.00 for 50 of them. They are around 4″ – 6″ each, and can be joined together if you need longer. I like velcro over the familiar zip strips because: 1) doesn’t damage the cords, and 2) I can quickly undo the bunndle when I need to and get to whatever cable I need, without hunting down a pair of scissors and needing to have replacements on hand.

    You can shorten each cord individually, wrap, then tuck them into a bundle and wrap with a longer joined set of velcros.

    The other trick I do is when I get a new piece of hardware that has a long cord (like a mouse, monitor, or keyboard), I untie, doll out a reasonable amount of cord, then use the same twistie to secure what I don’t need. And since it was already wrapped, it still had the neat folds in it. (Wire pleats)

    If you want a way to hide the cords, you can go the inexpensive route of a used paper towel or Tp roll and tuck the cords in there. With some paint and brushes, it would make a nice little art project for the girls if you wanted to go all out and color cordinate with your kitchen. Or, if you’re like me and prefer not to have cardboard holding your power cords, you can get a small plastic pipe in the plumbing section of your local hardware store. You can bolt the pipe onto the bottom of the desk or counter to really hide things, or simply leave it along the back, near the wall. And if it’s a longer pipe, you don’t need all of the wrapping. They even have nice little corner pieces so you can make your own raceway from the floor up to the back of the desk.

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