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Blast from the Past

Two weeks ago today was the 25th anniversary of the CD – August 17, 1982 (

Strangely, I remember first seeing a Walkman cassette player that same year – and it was a pretty hot, new item at the time. The one I listened to had Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” playing. Cassettes were only about 19 years old at the time. Odd to think that the technology that would replace the cassette was already in production at the time.

But CD’s weren’t going to last long as the standard. According to Wikipedia, MP3 became an ISO standard in 1991, only 9 years later. Since it’s been about 16 years, it’s probably reasonable to assume the next next generation technology has already been invented.

The longest lasting technology of the last century? The record album. Early 1900’s to late 1970’s!

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