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An Interesting Morning

Yesterday was the second day of school, and Megan walked.

You see, last year, the girls had some problems getting up and moving in the morning, even though Megan, the 6 year old, goes to bed at 7:00 and Emily, the 8 year old, at 8:00. So this year, I told the kids that whoever missed the bus would have to walk to school. It seemed to impress them – school is, after all, 1.4 miles away! I figured I’d have at least a good week before the “back to school” euphoria ebbed away and the routine feeling started setting in, at which point I’d have to remind them again to get moving.

But on Day 2, Meg decided not to get up and I decided 45 minutes of nagging was enough. So Megan walked and I accompanied her in the car. She ran the first quarter mile without stopping, I got out and personally walked her across every road, and the first part of the journey was uneventful. Just across from the school, however, I got pulled over by a police car!

Although he sympathized with my attempt to teach a lesson, he told me I was a traffic hazard. Plus, the police department had received 10 calls about a van following a child, so I would have to find another solution. Meg got wide eyes when I told her that a policeman asked why she was walking to school instead of riding the bus! I decided to milk it and told her the policeman said she would have to go to jail if she kept missing the bus (yeah – that one will probably come back and bite me, but I was mad!).

Truth be told, even though the depth of her stubbornness amazes me, I was proud that she did actually walk the entire way to school without complaint – and proud of myself for following through and doing what I said I would do. That said, I sure was glad when she got up without incident this morning! We even had enough time to read a book before she set out for the bus stop. Maybe the lesson sunk in after all. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

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  1. I think I was more stunned by the fact that there were no comments to this story than by the story itself!!! I DO have to ask why no one in the neighborhood has anything better to do than stare out the windows. Which, of course, begs the question as to why they wouldn’t recognize your child and your car if they spend so much time people watching. In any event, it’s great to know that your neighbors are looking out for you and your children.

  2. Yes, I tried to look on that same bright side! We literally passed by a few neighbors we know on the way to school, but I have a feeling it was people passing by in cars on Graham and Fishcreek (two pretty major roads) who were calling the police. The car was pulled way off to the side with flashers on, so it was pretty eye-catching to passers-by.

  3. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Now that I have read this story, I more fully understand the situation. The idea of following the child in the car and then assisting them across each road is brilliant. I have to applaud those neighbours that rang the police, but only because they were proactive enough to act on their thoughts. I wouldn’t worry too much about the fear-of-jail technique: By the time she is 21 she will appreciate the reasoning.

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