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After 12 years of marriage, my husband can still surprise me. Yesterday he sent me this link which proved that he and I really do see the world differently:

He suffers from deuteranopia, which is a form of red/green colorblindness. Now, I’ve always known this, but it’s rarely apparent unless he’s trying to match clothes, so I don’t give it much thought day to day. But I was truly surprised how bland his daily world looks compared to mine. I can’t imagine living with such a lack of color, but its all he’s known.

It’s not often that we get to look through another’s eyes and see they world – literally – as they do. This brought to mind an interesting discussion from one of my college psych classes. The premise? There is no such thing as reality, because all reality is perception. The longer I live, the more I agree with the premise.

Reality is truly a function of perception. Just look at the unreality of realty television! Even the people who appear on the shows are amazed at how judicious editing can shape the perceptions of the audience.

We are trained to assume that our reality is the only reality. In direct sales, and probably in general life, this attitude is a serious impediment to success. If I only offer the consultant opportunity to people I perceive will be good at it (according to my reality), my team would miss out on some really great consultants!

In fact, cutting edge physics explores the possibility that the existence of multiple realities is scientifically provable. M-theory, an extension of string theory, posits that as many as 10 or 11 dimensions, and virtually unlimited realities, exist. (At least, that was my understanding from the portion of “The Elegant Universe” that I saw on PBS a few weeks ago.)

So when I tell people “that’s how it works in my world,” maybe I’ve tapped into some cosmic truth and I’m not so far off after all!

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